Volume 13 (June 2001)


Religious Liberty in the United Kingdom
Mark Hill

Unincorporated Human Rights, Treaties&Claims Based on Legitimate Expectations
Shivaji Felix

Resolving Custody Disputes between Married Parents: The Development of South African&Sri Lankan Law
Sharya Scharenguivel

Victims of Crime and the Criminal Justice Process
Buvanasundari Buvanasundaram

Cultural Rights in International Law
V.T. Thamilmaran

Security Studies in Sri Lanka: A Late Development
Amal Jayawardane

Roman Catholic Church & International Law
Noel Dias

The Third United Nations Conference on The Law of the Sea: An Introductory Insight
Rajeev Amarasuriya

Western Christian and Christmas 2001
Tissa Balasuriya, omi

Forgery of Foreign Visas : Immigrants & Emigrants Act of Sri Lanka
M.A. Kumarasinghe

Early Warning and Contingency Approaches:
Batista, Byme, Jenkins, Posadas, Rozlivkova & Superville

International Conventions and Environmental Laws of Sri Lanka
Geethani Wijesinghe

Globalization: Intellectural Property E-Commerce, Labour and Environment
Nazeema Kamardeen