Volume 2 (June 1990)


Human Rights, Basic Rights and the Protection of International Civil Servants
C.F. Amerasinghe

The Fourth World in the First World – the Maori in New Zealand
Jeff Berryman

General Principles of International Responsibility of the State of Nationalization of Foreign Investments as One of the Means of Their Protection
Malgorzata Czapiewska

Sri Lanka in Grotlus “De Jure Praedae” (1604) and “Mare Liberum” (1608)
M.C.W. Prabath de Silva

The contribution of the United Nations to The further Development of International Law – Using he Example of Outer Space Law
Brigit Haugk, Mario Muller & Reinhard Muller

Human Rights and the System of Criminal Justice in Sri Lanka
G.L. Pieris

Legal Aspects of North/South Transfer of Marine Technology
M.C.W. Pinto

Book Reviews

“The United Nations” Efforts to outlaw the Arms Race in Outer Space”
Prof. P.K. Menon, Stephen J. Leacock

“The Law of the International Civil Service” by C.F. Amerasinghe
C.G. Weeramantry