Volume 21 (Issue 2)(2009)


Developing a Legal Regime for Internally Displaced Persons in South Asia : A Holistic Approach to Cater for the Special Needs of South Asian Displaced Persons
Wasantha Seneviratne

Sovereign Equality under the Chemical Weapons Convention: Donuts over Holes
James D Fry

The Continuing Relevance of Customary International Law in the Development of International Humanitarian Law
Nirmala Chandrahasan

Regulation of Corporate Crimes
Ruchi Mehta

Locating the Limits of Self-Determination Beyond Shadow Lines of Nation
Amit Bindal&Latika

The Global Judicial Network: Towards New Hope For Development, Democracy and Equality in the Global Era
Maithri Amarasinghe Jayatilake

Reform of the WTO Dispute Settlement System : A Developing Country Perspective
Janak De Silva

An Appraisal on Some Aspects of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
Jeeva Niriella

ISP Liability for Third Party Copyright Infringement: A Comparative Analysis
for Setting International Standard Norms
Vinay Vineet Mishra