Volume 3 (June 1991)


Emerging Dimensions of Sovereignty Under International Law Jay Esrtling, The Protection of Intellectual Property – Of Metaphysics, Motivation and Monopoly
C.G. Weeramantry

International Arbitration : A case for Delocalisation
Mario Gomez

Some thoughts about the Law of Recognition
P.K. Menon

Reaffirmation of Basic Principles of Diplomatic&Consular Law by the International Court of Justice in the American Diplomatic Case in Iran
Frank Przetaczink

Indo-Sri Lanka Accord : Intervention or Invitation?
D.P. Verma

Indo-Sri Lanka Accord: Invitation or Intervention?
Roshani Gunawardene

Book Reviews

South Asian Strategic Issues : Sri Lanka Perspectives by Shelton U. Kodikara
R.A. Ariyaratne

International Law by Noel Dias
W.M. Karunadasa

Current Developments

– Treaties
– Legislation
– Literature
– Institutions
– News-Briefs
Deepika Udagama