Volume 17 (June 2005)


Enhancing the Procedural Legitimacy of the U.N. Security Council
Sebastien Jodoin

Harnessing the Waters of Mesopotamia
Mural Metin Hakki

Fair Trial Obligations in International Law
Roger Gamble&Noel Dias

An Overview of Divorce Law in Cyprus
Martha Hayes Sampson

The Validity of a Universal Human Rights Theory
Hisham Ramadan

Self-Defence, the Security Council&Judicial Review
Sean Goggin

The New Law Merchant : Fact or Fiction?
Janak De Silva

Making a Democratic and Legitimate Constitution in Nigeria
Kaniye S.A. Ebeku

Aspects of Federalism in the Sri Lankan Context
Shivaji Felix

Of Means and Ends : Iraq – a Case Study
Dinesha Samararatne

Obsolescent Character of international Humanitarian Law
Jean Philippe Loyant

Recent Developments

– Treaties
– Decisional Law
– News Briefs