Volume 27 – ISSN 1391 – 5568 (2019)


Incomplete Decolonisation Without Self-Determination: The Case of The Separation of The Chagos Archipelago
Eden Hb Chua (>>Abstract)

Is the Bird Out of Cage: Demystifying China’s Non-Market Economy Status?
Apoorva Vishnoi and Rishabha Meena (>>Abstract)

The Label, The Divide and The Cost: A Comparative Analysis of Gender in Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education
Achalie M. Kumarage (>>Abstract)

Good Intentions and Flawed Outcomes: The Impact of International Actors on Sri Lanka’s Transitional Justice Process
Chameli Ranasinghe (>>Abstract)

Gender Discriminatory Laws in Nigeria’s Labour Sector: A Violation of International Labour Organization (ILO) Standard
Patricia Imade Gbobo (>>Abstract)

A Necessity That Is Left as A Luxury: Legal Aid for Criminal Defence in Sri Lanka
Nishandeny Ratnam (>>Abstract)

The Promotion and Protection of Rights of Persons with Disability in Nigeria: An Analysis of The Applicable Theories, Statute and Treaty Laws
M.C. Ogwezzy (>>Abstract)