Volume 5 (June 1993)


Parricide and the Search for Legality
Sylviane Colombo

Intellectual Property Protection: A Developing Country Perspective
Jay Erstling

International Law and Protection of War Victims
M. Gasioku

Land, Religion and Under-Development: Elements in Development of a Colonial Economy in Ceylon
L. Marasinghe

Legal Implications of the Maastricht Treaty on European Union
Rohan Perera

The Right of Self-Defense as an Exception to the Prohibition of War
Frank Pizetacznik

Shorter Articles

The European Community and the SAARC
Bertram Bastiampillai

In the Interest of Women
Rangita de Silva

Lessons of War: The Gulf Crisis and the U.N.’s Role
Noel Dias

The Primacy of Experience in the Human Encounter with God
Hilarian Dissanayake

A Social, Economic, Political and Cultural Approach to the Sri Lankan Reality
Oswald B. Firth

Current Developments

– Legislation
– Decisional Law
– News Brief