Sebastien Jodoin, Enhancing the Procedural Legitimacy of the U.N. Security Council

Mural Metin Hakki, Harnessing the Waters of Mesopotamia

Roger Gamble&Noel Dias, Fair Trial Obligations in International Law

Martha Hayes Sampson, An Overview of Divorce Law in Cyprus

Hisham Ramadan, The Validity of a Universal Human Rights Theory

Sean Goggin, Self-Defence, the Security Council&Judicial Review

Janak De Silva, The New Law Merchant : Fact or Fiction?

Kaniye S.A. Ebeku, Making a Democratic and Legitimate Constitution in Nigeria

Shivaji Felix, Aspects of Federalism in the Sri Lankan Context

Dinesha Samararatne, Of Means and Ends : Iraq - a Case Study

Jean Philippe Loyant, Obsolescent Character of international Humanitarian Law   

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