Kaniye  S A Ebeku, Oil, Niger Delta and the New Development Initiative: Some Reflections from Socio-Legal Perspective
Edwin Egede, Human Rights and the Environment: Is There a Legally Enforceable Right of a Clean and Healthy Environment for the Peoples of the Niger Delta under the Framework of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Sophie Cacciaguidi-Fahy,  Law of the Sea and Human Rights
Dejo Olowu,  Legal Regime of Child Adoptions in the South Pacific and the Implications of International Regulatory Standards
Prabhakar Singh,  From Narcissistic Positive International Law to Universal Natural International Law: The Dialectics of Colonial Disputes

Ovunda V.C. Okene,  Right of Workers to Strike in a Democratic Society: The Case of Nigeria

S.M. Solaiman, Protection of Foreign Portfolio Investment in Bangladesh: A Critical Appreciation

Noel Dias, Roger Gamble,  Independence, Impartiality and Scrutiny: The Essence of Fair Trial Protection

Lakshman Marasinghe,  Federalism: Lessons from ACEH and Sudan

Abdullah Al Faruque, Najnin Begum, Global Movement for Indigenous People's Rights: Protection Mechanisms and Their Effectiveness

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