Wasantha Senevirantne, Role of International Organizations in Situations of Conflict Related Internal Displacement

Benjamin Perrin, Making Sense of Complementarity: The Relationship between the International Criminal Court and National Jurisdictions
Jason D.Reichelt,  Republic of Georgia's Fight against Torture: A Model for Emerging Democracies

Rajat Rana, Right to Defense Counsel in the War Crime Tribunals: Current Developments

Carlo Tiribelli, Judgment in Absentia in International Criminal Law: Its Admissibility before the Ad Hoc Tribunals, the International Criminal Court and the European Arrest
Chikeziri Sam Igwe,  International Criminal Court and the United States: Prospects and Rationale for Reconciliation
Thilini Kahandowaarachchi, Internally Displaced Persons

Noel Dias&Roger Gamble, Nallaratnam Singarasa v Attorney General
Shivaji Felix, Human Rights Treaties and Claims Based on Legitimate Expectations
G. Sathiyatharshiny, [State Succession with Special Reference to Russia, Germany and Yugoslavia]

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