International Law   
Tissa Balasuriya, omi, Globalization and Human Rights
Shami Fernando Puvimanasinghe, Development, Environment and the Human  Dimensions:..
Rohan Perera, The Role of the UN Ad-hoc Committee On Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism
Frank Przetacznik, Settlement of International Disputes
Nirmala Chandrahasan, International Humanitarian Law
Lucian G. Weeramantry, The Courts as Custodians of the Rule Of Law
Religion and Law   
Anton Cooray, The Protection and Promotion of Religious Rights
Joanna Nicholson, Church and State Relations in the U.K.
Noel Dias, Church&State in Sri Lanka
Comparative Law   
Buvanasundari Buvanasundaram, Violence Against Homosexuals and Trans-Gender Persons
Recent Developments 
- Legislation
- Decisional Law
- News Brief
M. Sudarshan, Walter&Judith Pinto Memorial Scholarship..(International Criminal Court)