Dr. R.A. Ariyaratna, Transforming undergraduate Teaching and Learning  In Humanities and Social Sciences

Prof. Bertram Bastian, A Sri Lankan Looks at SAARC – A Decade Later 

Fr. Noel Dias, The NIEO revisited

Prof. Jay Erstline, Some Observations on Women’s Legal Literacy and the Promotion of Economic Development   In South Asia

Shivaji Felix, The Concept of Legitimate Expectation in Commonwealth Administrative Law
Rohan Gunaratne, Challenges to South Asian Security - Approaching the 21st Century
Prof. G.R. Tressie Leitan, Development of Sri Lanka’s Administrative System - The Colonial   Impact   
Niranjani Vivekananthan, The Doctrine of State Immunity and Human Rights Violations of Foreign States
Religion  &  Law
- Hindu Law
- Canon Law

Shorter Articles
Harry Dematagoda, Rule of Law and the Policies of the Judiciary
Linus Jayatilake, Milk Production and the Multinationals
V.T. Thamilmaran, Human Rights and Democracy:the Experience in Myanmar
Book Review   
Current Developments
- Statutes  
- News Brief