Fr. Tissa Balasuriya, Human Rights in the Church

Prof. Bertram Bastiampillai, The Partiamentary Commissioner for Administration (Ombudsman)

C.J. Dias, Legal Profession and the Protection of Human Rights

Dr. Asbjorn Eide, Minority Protection&Autonomy under International and Comparative Law

Shivaji Felix, The Revocation of wills – A Comparative Study

Savitri W.E. Goonesekere, Human Rights: A Eurocentric Ethic or a Legal Foundation for Freedom, Justice and Peace?

Mike Ibanga, Determining the Proper Scope of International Humanitarian Law

Her Excellency Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, Sri Lankan Foreign Policy: Some Perspectives

Dr. A. Rohan Perera, French Nuclear Tests in the Pacific&the World Court

Dr. Frank Przetacznik, Basic ideas of the Philosophical Concept of Peace

V.T. Thamilmaran, What is a Nation? - Limits of Self-Determination

John A. Usher, Where Europe is Going - Widening or Deepening?

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