Bertram Bastiampillai, Some Threats to Human Rights

Sharya de Soysa, A Review of Sri Lankan Child Law in the Light of the Convention on the Rights Of the hild

Kanaga Dharmananda, A dissection of International Joint Venture Negotiation

Vojin Dimitrijevic, The Role of Reporting Procedures in Monitoring Violations of Human Rights

Omran El Shafei, Outcome of the World Conference On Human Rights

Dr. Lakshman Marasinghe, The British Colonial Contribution to Disunity in Sri Lanka

V.I. Mbu, The Problems of the Nigerian Legal System In the light of the Analytical Jurisprudence Of Norzick and Rawis

Dr. P.K. Kenon, The Legal Personality of Individuals

Rohan Perera, As the Law of the Sea Convention enters Into force – Dawn of a New Era, or a Return to the Grotian Ocean?

Shyami Fernando Puvimanasinghe, The Bhopal Case: A Developing Country Perspective

Dr. Frank Przetacznik, The Right of Living as a Basic Human Right

M.N.P. Srivastava, Sources of International Law : Retrospect&Prospects
V.T. Thamilmaran, Self-Determination : A Minorities’ Perspective

B. Wennergren, Enforcement in the Field of Human Rights

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